Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Here are 29 reasons I think you are the best:

You help me make fun dance videos. You are smart. You work hard. You are up for most of the adventures I cook up.  You do the laundry.  You help keep our apartment clean.  You teach me how to do left-handed layups.  You buy me flowers every once in a while.  You encourage me to make my dreams come true.  You are so handsome. You are hilarious in the most surprising ways.  You drive on long car rides so I can sleep.  You wink at me.  You let me collect lots of hobbies. You take Sunday afternoon naps while you watch Disney movies. You don't mind when I make my birthday a big deal. You have a pure heart.  You are close to God.  You want to be a dad (and I know you will be the cutest dad ever).  You fit right into my little family.  You let me do therapy on you... sometimes.  You help me practice forging your signature.  You believe in me.  You tell me I'm beautiful all of the time.  You think I'm smart.  You are kind to everyone.  You are a great teacher.  You listen.  You are patient.

See you really are the best! Now, let's go to that Celtics vs Jazz game to celebrate.

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