Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What a game!!

We went to the Celtics vs. Jazz game on Jeremy's birthday and it was an amazing game.  We found ourselves rooting for the Jazz, especially since Jeremy is a big Gordon Hayward fan. It was a close game that came down the last seconds, quite literally.  Celtics ended up with a win, which we were actually happy about because then Boston is happy (and more cheerful on the subway ride home).  It was the perfect way to celebrate Jeremy's big day.  

I even caught a parachute during the game with a toy basketball on it.  I was fighting off others with my elbows! Who doesn't love anything free?!

It was a busy weekend so we held off on the cake celebration until Sunday night.  I made Jeremy his favorite funfetti cake with funfetti frosting and he has been having a piece a night ever since.  We didn't have 29 candles, so we improvised 2 candles and 9 candles.  Get it??

You are going to rock life this year, Jeremy.  I have no doubt.

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