Saturday, March 21, 2015

His Biggest Test

Today marks the beginning of the biggest test of Jeremy's life.

It's a licensing exam for Dentists called the WREB and it is a two day test, all day Saturday and Sunday.  It's intense.  He will be doing all sorts of dental procedures on a few select patients and then his work will be graded by a committee.  This is basically the last big hurrah and then he graduates in May.  He has some small clinical requirements to finish at school, but that's easy-peasy compared to this test.  So we have had some anxious moments at our house this past week.  We are both very excited for this to be over.  I made these study cards for Jeremy on Thursday to help him out.

So this morning we woke up to early alarms, I dropped him off at school, and then sent good and calming vibes his way all day.  While Jeremy took the first half of his test, I worked out, went to brunch at Blue Moon Grill (so good!), watched a movie, checked my phone a million times to see if  he was done with the first part, went shopping (always a good time), watched another movie, and waited for him to come home.

And he survived the first day! Woot woot!  The second day is a little less stressful so we are feeling pretty good.  I can't wait for Monday to come.

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