Sunday, May 17, 2015

Graduation Day has Arrived

We have been anticipating this day for many years.  Jeremy graduated from Dental School today!!  Jeremy's parents and my family flew in yesterday for the epic festivities and we are having a blast (mini golf, mani/pedis, delicious food, and late night movies).  We are all so excited that this day has finally come.

Getting ready for the ceremony.

Riley and I went early to drop Jeremy off and took some glamor shots while we waited for the ceremony to begin. (P.S. My dress is from Macy's.)

  Then we saved seats for the rest of the family and found some great reading material.

 Then we heard some great speeches, Jeremy's name was called, he was hooded, and we whooped and hollered like crazy.  I found myself getting so emotional throughout the whole thing.  I just can't believe we have made it.  He is a dentist!  And that totally blows my mind.

Jeremy's parents

Jeremy with his professors in the clinic (right).

 We found all of Jeremy's close study buddies after the ceremony.

 My family

The whole gang that came out to support Jeremy.

We did it!
(Because we know this was a team effort.)

Presenting Dr. Clover...

There are a lot of emotions swarming in my body.  I am so proud of Jeremy's hard work and determination.  I'm excited that he is a dentist and a little envious that he's a Doctor.  I am relieved that there are no more tests in either of our futures; I am so ready to be done with the student life.  I am sad that this awesome experience has come to an end and we will be saying good bye to Boston and so many good friends.  I am a little in awe that time really does pass and that this day actually arrived.  I am so happy that I don't have to make all the money anymore.  I am grateful for all of the love and support from our families.  I am excited for our next adventure and I am so in love with my best friend.  


Robin said...

Where is your epic dress from? You look fabulous!

Katie said...

Hi Robin! My dress is from Macy's. Here is the link: