Sunday, May 10, 2015

To My Momma:

You have taught me so many things.  I am so grateful to you for giving me an amazing life.  I am so happy that we are such best buds.  I love you forever!!  Since you have been my mom for 26 years, I thought I would make a list of 26 things I admire about you.  I admire...
  • your bravery
  • your independence
  • your eagerness to help others
  • your ability to make any child want to be your best friend
  • your contagious laugh
  • your enduring strength
  • your love of adventure
  • your expertise planning the amazing adventures
  • your ability to always keep a full fridge and pantry
  • your thoughtfulness
  • your laid-back nature
  • your ability to laugh in the moments when most would scream
  • your acceptance of others
  • your trust in others
  • your love of our fun family
  • your selflessness
  • your crocheting and knitting skills
  • your willingness to be an instrument in God's hands
  • your unwavering testimony of His love for us
  • your ability to tap into the eternal perspective during trials
  • your tenacity while playing games
  • your knack for creating meaningful traditions
  • your fast brain
  • your love of spontaneity
  • your ability to throw great dinner parties
  • your constant support to those around you 
I love you momma!! See you in 6 days.  We are ready for a party of a lifetime to begin!
Happy Mother's Day!

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Barb said...

Ohhh, Love the post! I am lucky to have you for my favorite daughter! xoxoxo