Wednesday, August 5, 2015

On Wednesdays, I wander

After I dropped Jeremy off at work this morning, I headed to Manchester to hike Prospect Rock.  It was on the shorter side, only 40 minutes up and 30 minutes back.  I of course sit at the top for a while to breathe it all in and ponder life.  Today, I sat at the top and read an article on Patience in this month's Ensign, which I just loved.  It was a perfect morning with beautiful views!

Looking over Manchester (and Dorset probably).
There's Mount Equinox, the tallest peak across the way.
It's quite a shame how many timer selfies I had to take to get this.  Good thing it was desolate up there.
I love the sun (and that rad sun flare!).  These August days in Vermont are DREAMY, I tell you.  DREAMY!
And now I am home doing laundry.  If you really know me, then you know Jeremy will be so surprised.  I swore off laundry long ago.  Laundry is my archenemy. 


Rye said...

You are so rad. Reading your blog makes me never want to waste a minute of my life. Love you lots.

Barb said...

Laundry!! That is impressive,