Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Emerald Lake

We started our Labor Day with some tennis at the park and then we gathered snacks and gear to spend the rest of the day at Emerald Lake (only 25 minutes away).  It was a hot day so we quickly got into the refreshing water to swim - well, I did... Jeremy mozied about, eating snacks, and chatting with friends on the shore.  He finally joined me and we floated around for a while, ate some lunch, and then we rented a canoe to paddle around in. 

 I love being with Jeremy.  I am feeling super lucky and blessed with this life of mine.  We certainly love a day off to play and we are feeling all sorts of rejuvenated!  Long live summer! - especially since I finally have some tan lines.  It still feels like summer to us since we are experiencing a total heat wave and we don't have to worry about school!! - YAY! High Five Adulthood! 

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