Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lakeside Camping

Friday after work we headed to Woodford State Park for two nights of lakeside camping with some friends. It's really only about 30 minutes away and it is just gorgeous.  Since it was so close, Betsy and I visited the park in July and scoped out the best spots and it was so worth it.  We were right on the water and the campground was way less busy than I expected it to be... it was dreamy.

We set up camp, roasted hot dogs for dinner, and then we had my favorite s'mores.  You can't go camping without having s'mores.  Well, Jeremy can, he doesn't like them (what?!... I know), so that just means more for me.  We star gazed as the flames morphed into embers.  We could see a billion stars on top of that mountain, I know because I couldn't count them.  Shooting stars were even spotted as we gazed at the Milky Way (I only spotted one of them) and it was deemed a magical night.

In the morning we woke up to this beautiful sight:

Look at the mist rising off of the glassy surface!  It was incredible.

 Our morning consisted of finding a giant spider on our lantern (what's camping if there aren't spiders involved?), hot chocolate, and my favorite egg scramble for breakfast - eggs, pepper jack cheese, red peppers, turkey sausage, and spinach.  After breakfast, we took a short nature walk over to the canoe rentals, so we could row about.  I loved every minute!

We had beautiful weather the first half of the trip and then the skies opened up and decided to bless us with rain.  Lots of rain.  Which I am sure the whole state of Vermont is happy about... because people keep saying, "Oh we neeeeed rain, it's been so dry."  I look around, see all of the green rather than brown and think to myself, "You should see out west!" 

Anyways... we cuddled in the tent throughout the all-nighter downpour and woke up with surprisingly dry stuff.  That tent is a champ!  This morning the rain decided to slow down around 7:00, so we hurried to tear down our camp before the rain came at us again.  We headed home to shower and even made it to church on time.  It was a fun little camping trip!  Every time I go camping, I just want to go more and more.  It's the best.

Also, I just love this picture of me in all of my camping glory from Saturday.

I haven't showered and my hair is a mess, and I just love it.  I see beauty in this picture. Not in spite of the messiness, but rather because of it.  I am clearly having the time of my life out on that lake.  I am completely carefree.  I have found that I feel most alive and beautiful when I am playing in nature with the person that I love.  It is my very favorite.

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