Thursday, September 3, 2015


Jeremy and I have been playing a lot in the mountains now that we live in beautiful Vermont.  It is crucial to refuel after that sort of thing because we always get so exhausted and hungry.  And we know if we ignore those things it leads to the dreaded "hangry", so we rely on great snacks to get us through.  Nutritionally, it is good to have a snack that has a mixture of carbohydrates and protein to really replenish what your body needs.  Here are some of my favorites (which are of course Celiac Friendly):

Chocolate Milk
You can buy it on the way home from a convenience store after you sweat out in nature or you can just make it at home the old fashioned way with milk and chocolate syrup.  We always have chocolate syrup on hand for that sort of thing (and for topping ice cream, of course).  Chocolate milk is notorious for being the perfect combo of all the things you need after working out and it is super delicious!  It's my go to beverage.  I have been having it so often after our bike rides that Jeremy is finally converted to the goodness and bought a 1/2 gallon at the store the other day.  Keep it coming!

Trail Mix
I have really been loving trail mix lately.  It is so tasty and I love the variety of mixes that are out there.  The sky is the limit on trail mix so if you are getting bored of one combo you can let your creativity go wild to make your own.  You just need some nuts, dried fruit, some chocolate if you are up for a real treat, and whatever else you feel like throwing in, and voila... perfect snack.  Trail mix is packed with protein and a bag of it can easily be thrown into your car, pocket, or backpack for your outdoor fun.  Whenever we go hiking or mountain biking, I like to have trail mix on hand for quick energy.  My favorite combo right now is almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, golden raisins, and craisins. 

Fruit and Nut Butter
Fruit and nut butter is the best!  It is another great combination for what nutrients your body needs especially after a good workout.  My go to is the classic apple (Galas for life!!) with peanut butter.  I probably have it almost everyday since is also such a solid afternoon snack.  To change it up a bit, I recently got some almond butter which was certainly different than peanut butter and still delicious.  Now I am out to try cashew butter and sunflower seed butter, just so I can be a truly informed consumer when it comes to nut butters.  You of course can change up the fruit as well, although I can't think of many options besides the apple or the banana, but who needs anything else!!

Yogurt and Granola (and Blueberries)
Yogurt, granola, and fruit is my typical breakfast, so naturally it becomes my port-workout fuel if I workout nice and early.  I have recently switched to 2% plain Greek yogurt, with some GF granola, fresh berries, and drizzled honey on top.  I have left that flavored 0% yogurt in the dust to embrace the creamy goodness of the plain 2% with honey, and I haven't looked back.  It is a great way to start your day or get that energy back up after making your body work.  Try it out!!  Your body will love this classic, nutrient-dense combo!

Hummus and ANYTHING
I tried hummus about a year ago at my in-laws and I have been inhaling that stuff ever since.  I have landed on my favorite flavor - roasted red pepper - and now have a hard time branching out.  I typically just dip some GF crackers in hummus for a great snack to refuel after an outdoor adventure.  Hummus is a great protein and mixing it with some carbohydrates is just what your body needs.  I recently made the most amazing cheese crisp after a bike ride with a brown rice tortilla, shredded cheese, salsa, I randomly threw on some of my favorite hummus for good measure and it was quite a delicious combo.  Salsa and hummus TOGETHER are top notch, my friends... top notch! 

Ta-da!  That's what I eat basically all of the time, especially after a sweat session in the mountains.  I'm telling you, aren't snacks the best?!!  What are your favorite snacks? Any Gluten-free ideas get gold stars!  Check out for more great snack ideas - they also have a great selection of all sorts of nuts, dried fruit, and trail mixes that are looking delicious.

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