Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Letters

Dear October,
Welcome!  I am looking forward to you this year (and every year I am pretty sure).  You are full of apple crisp and pumpkin pancakes, gluten free of course.  And cozy sweaters, tall boots, and extra cuddling.  The leaves, the pumpkin patches, and the hot apple cider.  Corn mazes, scarecrows, and loads of baking. You completely embody Fall and I have a feeling that our first Fall in Vermont is going to be quite delightful around here.

Dear Career,
We are about to embark on something really big together.  I am most certainly terrified and most of all excited. There is so much work to do and things to get in order.  One thing at a time, I like to say!  I can't wait to share our newest adventure with everyone soon.  Let's do this!

Dear Leaves,
You are coming alive and the brilliant show is just getting started.  I imagine your peak will be in about two weeks.  I am constantly looking around in amazement as I drive around this gorgeous valley.  I am trying to take you in with new eyes and really recognize the wonder.  It is incredible how your lush green can morph into vibrant reds, peaches, oranges, golds, and yellows.  Stunning!  I am just loving you so much right now.

Dear Summer,
You had a brief resurgence last month which coincided with my birthday and I thank you for that.  It was warm and lovely.  With these cooler temperatures rolling in, I believe that you have officially slipped away, temporarily of course.  Don't be sad, my dear friend, the other seasons need their time to shine.  I will meet you on the other side of Spring.  Godspeed.

Dear Knitting,
We meet again.  I know we have an on-again, off-again kind of relationship, but I just can't help but feel that you are really only a cold weather hobby for me.  So you must by tickled pink that Fall is here to stay, since it just gets me into the knitting spirit!  YouTube always has to help me get back into the swing of things because I often forget some details when we haven't played for 6 months.  I am gearing up to try cabling and I think it is going to be fantastic!

Dear London,
We are coming for you - "we" being my mom and me.  The ultimate girl's trip is fast approaching and I am all sorts of giddy about it.  I am looking forward to being charmed by your amazing architecture, quaint shops, and distinguished accents.  I believe we will become fast friends with memories of our adventures to last a lifetime.  Any last suggestions of what we should see? October 10th can't come fast enough!

Dear General Conference,
You are only days away and I just love everything about you.  It's one of my favorite weekends because I always feel so reassured, valued, and inspired as I listen to our church leaders.  I know these amazing men and women are called of God.  I know that as I listen with an open and willing heart, I will be guided by the Holy Ghost in how to apply their teachings into my life.  I invite everyone to tune in to if they have a spare moment or if they are in need of some uplifting. It will certainly do the trick. 

xoxo, Katie

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