Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weekend of Girls

The first weekend in November was an exciting one.  There were Girls Weekends happening on my mom's side (aunts and cousins) and my dad's side (grandma and grandkids) of the family all in the same city.  So I did my best to hit up both parties.  It was fun to see eveyone!!  I got to go to delicious places to eat and fun stores we don't have in Vermont.  The weekend also consisted of a lot of chatting, laughing, crafting, games, and some adventures planned by my grandma (riding through the desert and massages).  Here was our desert adventure on the Razors:

I crashed them about 15 minutes into the whole thing.  Ooops!

Crossing the river 14 times and running around in the slot canyons was awesome!!  I kept thinking how much my family would love to do this.  The boys would love it!