Monday, November 30, 2015

With The Fam

We spent Thanksgiving in Utah with my cute and awesome family.

It was such a great vacation.  We did just about nothing... and I loved it.  We didn't have much planned and just did whatever we felt like it, which sometimes meant staying in our pajamas until 2:00.  It was dreamy.  We shopped; we saw movies; we ate out for Thanksgiving dinner; we played board games, card games, and video games; we made a 1,000 piece puzzle; we wrapped presents; we made pumpkin waffles/pancakes almost every morning; we made our thankful tree; we baked delicious treats; and we loved being together.  Again... it was dreamy.  I love my family!

I barely took any pictures because I was basking in the joy of not having anything to do (it was wonderful), but here are the three I did take:

Thanksgiving Dinner at Jeremiah's Restaurant

Monopoly!  Sam smoked us all.

The best Thankful Tree in all the land!

Holidays are the BEST!

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Barb said...

It was a dreamy holiday!