Thursday, December 31, 2015


Here are my favorite memories of the year:

  Playing in the snow while surviving Boston's Snowiest Winter Ever

Celebrating 6 years of marital bliss

Snowshoeing for the 1st time while Jeremy interviewed for his current job

Eating at Kane's again because they came out with a GF donut

 Jeremy graduating from Dental School followed by cruising with my family in N. Europe

Moving to the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont

Solo hiking on my days off because clearly, nature is my homegirl

 Exploring on our new mountain bikes

Camping (and canoeing) at Woodford State Park

Gallivanting around London with my Momma

Announcing to the world that we are having a baby with this gem:

Soaking in the magic of Christmas and loving all of my presents

Oh I get so sad when the year comes to an end.  I just have had so much fun.  This was quite the year for Jeremy and me.  We each accomplished our career goals!  I passed my LICSW exam and opened my private practice, something I have been dreaming about since I was 16.  Bam, dreams accomplished!  Jeremy graduated from Dental School, passed his boards, and is now an awesome Dentist.  His coworkers and patients love him!  I am not surprised... I love him, too.  Besides career goals coming to fruition we also cruised all over Europe visiting 7 countries in 10 days and then I got to go to London with my mom.  We moved (for only the 2nd time in our marriage) to Vermont and to top it all off we got pregnant!!  See??  Great things happened in 2015.  I will really miss our wonderful adventures we have had this year... luckily 2016 is bound to be another great one! 

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