Friday, January 1, 2016

January Letters

Dear January,
Well, hello my friend.  I sure hope you have more snow in store for us than December had.  I am hoping for loads and loads of snow so we can get out there to play with our winter toys.  I dream of snow shoeing and cross country skiing every weekend for the next three months.  Doesn't that sound like a great idea?  Let's bring on that snow!

Dear 2016,
Welcome!!  Now that I have accepted that 2015 is officially over, I am pleased as punch that you have arrived.  You are the year that will likely bring the biggest change to our lives... ever.  You see, we are adding our first little one to our family in June and I'm sure our lives will be turned upside down.  There are many great times ahead and I will try to soak in every moment. 

Dear Passion Planner,
I finally purchased the compact planner for 2016 after finding you a year ago and now I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival (please come fast!!).  In the meantime I am using the free weekly printouts and I love everything about it already.  I am excited to be more intentional with how I spend my time, more focused on my goals this year, and the size is perfect for taking everywhere.  I think I may need to buy some new pens or maybe highlighters to celebrate!

Dear Seminary,
Well, this Christmas break sure has been lovely.  Two whole weeks off from the 5:40 alarm clock has been amazing.  I hope I can get back into the groove next week... I am a little worried.  I will have to start going to bed earlier and making sure I pencil in the time to prep those lessons.  The kids are great though and we have a good time even if we are all dog tired.  I'm sure we will be alright.

Dear Baby Clover,
I am now 16 weeks along and you are the size of an avocado.  You are looking less like an alien and more like a baby which we are very happy about.  You can now hear us (at least that's what the internet says) so we are trying to be on our best behavior and only say nice things to each other.  Don't worry, it isn't that hard when your daddy is so wonderful.  Hopefully, I will feel you moving and grooving in there soon.  Keep growing!

Dear Goals,
I feel I accomplished quite a bit in 2015, so I think I will take a year off from setting goals.  Ha, just teasing... sort of.  I do feel like I met some of my major life goals this last year, so I think I will make smaller and less serious goals.  Life is meant to be enjoyed after all.  I am still thinking it all out; I don't like to be completely flippant about this process.

Dear Blog,
I am sorry I have kind of ignored you the past few months.  I am been pretty exhausted by the whole 1st trimester and teaching seminary thing.  Not a whole lot happened anyways, except for lots of time spent laying on my couch.  I have more energy now that I am in the 2nd trimester of this blessed pregnancy, so I have great intentions about writing more.  We will see how that goes.  Thank you for always being there. 

Xoxo, Katie

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