Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mom in Vermont

My mom came to visit me in Vermont!
It was a quick visit and oh so good to see her.  She helped us make lists of the stuff we need to get for Baby Clover because we really only had a crib and car seat.  Now we have so much more and more is on it's way.  Online shopping is your best friend when you live in the mountains.  I showed her all around our little towns, saw 5 covered bridges, ventured to Equinox Pond, shopped at the outlets, bought some Vermont Maple Syrup (of course), had her meet my friends, and we had a great baby shower.  It was a blast.  My friends got me a piñata to bust open all on my own.  I loved it!



It wasn't too hard to say good bye this time, because she is coming back in about 8 weeks when this baby is born!  We laughed about how relaxing this visit was compared to how the next visit will be.  She will basically have to teach me what to do with a baby.  It's going to be really entertaining. 

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