Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Letters

Dear May,
If this baby comes according to plan (set to arrive June 13th), then this is my last month being childless.  That's a pretty weird thought.  I will soak up all of these diaper-less days because we know there are so many diapers in our future.  May, I look forward to your flowers and blooming trees. They are slowly on their way and I am loving it.

Dear Mother's Day,
I have always celebrated you especially after I got married and convinced Jeremy that we should celebrate our potential motherhood and fatherhood. Mostly because I wanted presents, it's my love language after all.  This year feels a little different since I am actually expecting a baby this time around, rather than reflecting on my awesome womanly qualities.  I love that there is a day set aside to appreciate the woman in our lives and the amazing things they do.  Also, it's a great excuse to have Jeremy grill up a giant steak for me next Sunday!

Dear Baby Clover,
I am getting less scared and more excited for your arrival.  I just can't wait to meet you.  I can't wait to take you on beautiful walks in these mountains.  I can't wait to sing to you.  I can't wait to take a million pictures of you as you sleep.  I can't wait to get to know you.  We have a lot of learning ahead of us.  I have never been a mother before and you have never been a baby before... don't worry, we will figure it out together.  In the meantime, keep rolling around in there, because it is just about the coolest thing!

Dear Early Morning Seminary,
You come to a close at the end of this month.  I have really enjoyed having these great kids over every weekday morning to study the Old Testament together.  We are trudging along and memorizing scripture masteries along on the way.  I know that we are all really excited to sleep in soon.  I know I am really looking forward to not setting my 5:40 alarm.  Twenty more days... we totally got this!

Dear Sam's Club,
We just got a membership and I am so excited to go back to buying things in bulk.  We discovered that we go to Albany quite a bit, since it's only an hour away and they have so much more civilization than we do in Vermont.  So we are coming for you Sam's Club!

Dear Jeremy,
I am feeling more in love with you than ever.  I am just so happy.  Happy that we are living out our dreams.  Happy that we love spending time together.  Happy that we get to do this parenthood thing together.  Happy that you are so dang handsome.  Happy that you talk to the baby and tell it to come out and play.  Happy that we found each other 8.5 years ago.  Happy that you are my best friend.  Happy that you are so wonderful, supportive, loving, and funny.  I am just so happy.  I love you.  Forever.  And ever.

Xoxo, Katie

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