Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What a weekend!

Friday, we had dinner and a movie night with friends (Finnegans, Vaughns, & Martins). 
Saturday, we headed to Equinox in the morning and I hiked while Jeremy biked. Then we met the Vaughn's for an afternoon at Lake Shaftsbury. 
Sunday, we went to church, took naps, and grilled steak!
Monday, we slept in and then we did some hiking and biking again, this time with the Vaughns. Then we barbequed at the Finnegan's with all of our friends.  We had amazing food, played games, and ran around in the dark with sparklers. 

I think it was such a wonderful weekend because of all of the time we spent outside.  Vermont is in full green mode and will be until the brilliance of Fall hits.  This place is amazing and I am so glad I live here.  I get to play in the mountains all the time.  It's totally my favorite!

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