Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Race Day!

On Saturday I ran a 5k and it was one of my favorite things of the summer!
I ran it with Catherine, Tiffany, and Laura.  Betsy and Nicole ran the 1/2 marathon - those super stars.  Here are some pictures from the race:

Gwen and Jeremy came to support me.  Cutest little girl!

 Here we are pre-race on the right: Me, Betsy, Nicole, Catherine, Laura, and Tiffany

 Stretching those muscles!

And then we were off.  The course was awesome.  It was pretty flat and had a section that went through the woods.  I felt really great the whole race.  I have been hiking a lot and running a little, so it was the first time in a about a year that I ran over three miles without stopping.  And I had enough in the tank to sprint to the finish:

 Here are the supporters and 5k finishers:
 Paul(Tiffany's husband), Dave(Laura's husband), Jeremy, and Gwen - Catherine's family got to cheer us on from their house, since we ran right by.  Paul rode next to us for portions of the race and we chatted (mostly about Stranger Things) and he of course also encouraged us as we ran. 

It was such a fun race! I seriously want to run a million more and now I have a time to beat! With 33.47 min, with a 10:15 pace, I placed 4th in my division and would love to medal at some point.  Wouldn't that be cool?!  I think I will stick with 5ks or 10ks.  I would rather focus on getting faster and faster than running farther - plus it's easier on the knees.  Can't wait for the next one! - maybe it will be a trail run.


Barb said...

Love it... love you all.
Cute pics!

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun!