Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Up North

For our Labor Day, we took a day trip up north to Burlington, Vermont.
We went primarily to see a baseball game (you know, to check it off of the bucket list) and exploring a new city was an awesome bonus.  We started at the Church Street Marketplace to do some shopping.

 Then we went to our baseball game - Vermont Lake Monsters played the Lowell Spinners.  It was a really good game.  We saw a bunch of great hits and even a home run. The Lake Monsters won 9-5! Gwen loved it, until each moment the crowd cheered really loud.  She definitely did not like that.  Those baby ear muffs would have come in handy.

 Look at those blue eyes!!

After the baseball game, we made our way to the Waterfront Park to take a look at Lake Champlain.

 It was gorgeous!  Check out those layers of mountains - they are my favorite.

We walked long the waterfront for a while and then got dinner at the Skinny Pancake - which was amazing.  Seriously.  Tons of crepes - savory and sweet, and even gluten free.  We of course, had to get a little of each.  It totally hit the spot.  

 And then we saw a sign for Maple Creamees and had to have some of that, too.  Turns out a creamee is just soft serve ice cream.  We were expecting a creamy popsicle... however, it was delicious.  I love maple everything.  Vermont is so great.

Sidenote: Gwen is adorable. Always.

 I fed Miss Gwen as we enjoyed the sun setting on the New York Adirondacks across the lake. Then we headed home and Gwen slept the whole way.  

It was a dreamy day trip.  Burlington, we are big fans.  Can't wait to come visit again!

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Catherine.Martin_ said...

We should road trip!! I'm sure there are oodles of festivals we'd be into checking out.