Friday, November 9, 2007


So there is this toilet at work. It is on the 4th floor. Men's bathroom. 2nd stall. Its an automatic flusher. There are only two automatic flushing toilets in the building I work in and this is one of them. The other one is in the disability stall right next to it. Me and Aubrey named this one toilet Napoleon. (we have yet to name the rest) He deserves this great name because of the daily battle we have with him. Let me explain... when we clean toilets we use the "pipe" to pump the water back into the toilet so we can scrub the bowl making it sparkle with cleanliness. This is where Napoleon puts up his fight. The objective of this battle is to pump, scrub, rinse, and dry the guy without making him flush. The other automatic toilet doesn't cause us any trouble since it is in the disablilty stall and we have more room to dodge the flusher censor. But Napoleon is in a normal sized stall. We have gotten pretty sneaky but we are still perfecting the technique to conquering him. We usually end up plastering ourselves against the stall wall as we slowly inch our way out of the stall. Occasionly, we are still caught on his turf and the flushing starts then we let out a defeated scream. AHHHHH! But today I won. I beat him. I beat him good. Never even saw me coming. This week I beat Napoleon 3 out of 5 times. We definitely need to step up our game. It is up to Aubrey next week to continue the war! (we switch off every week between the sinks and the toilets) I know we will win. We have brains....he has a censor.

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Lacey said...

lol... you are hilarious Katie. But I think you might be having a little too much fun at work! ;)