Friday, May 6, 2011

out with the beast

we bought a new vacuum.
i thought it was going to be a lot like the time we bought new tires.
you know... lots of money for something not very fun. but it was quite the opposite.

we needed a new vacuum... bad. our original one was a wedding gift (not blaming the gift-giver... we registered for the beast) and it overheated every five minutes, so barely any vacuuming actually got done before frustration and defeat took over. we were going to wait until we moved to boston to buy one... but we just couldn't take it anymore!!

jeremy researched good vacuums for not-crazy-prices and after reading the reviews settled on the Hoover WindTunnel Rewind Upright. yeah... it's intense. we were so excited, we didn't even wait for the after-work-traffic to die down before heading to the store. we made our purchase without even flinching and drove home with our proudest possession on the backseat. as soon as we got home, jeremy assembled the beauty and proceeded to vacuum the entire apartment, as well as test out all of the attachments. it was a MAJOR success... our floors are lovely now. want to come lounge on our carpet? it won't disappoint.

favorite quote of the night from jeremy, "What a MACHINE?!"
he is hilarious!!

jeremy tossing the beast... good riddance to bad rubbish!
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Amanda & Joshua said...

I'm right there with ya. Our wedding vacuum is not doing so well and we are in desperate need of a new one!