Thursday, June 26, 2014

the green mountains, part 2

we started sunday off with a wonderful breakfast provided by our hotel.  i had an omelet filled with ham and veggies and some home fries on the side.  delicious.  then we ventured to burlington for church.

after church, we changed our clothes, and drove to the top of mount mansfield to take a look around.  the views were incredible.  we could see lake champlain and glimpses of montreal.  the peak was covered in this cool rock that glimmered in the sun.  it was as though pieces of fool's gold were scattered like confetti.  i loved it.  we took it all in, the cool rock, the fluffy clouds, the endless mountains, the expansive lake, the fresh air, before making our descend. 

after running around on the top of mt mansfield, we walked around the classic main street of stowe, got something to eat, took a self-guided tour of the iconic chapel, and had more ice cream - i got toasted coconut and strawberry, such a tasty and refreshing combination. we couldn't believe how dreamy and perfect the weather was for enjoying the great outdoors.  we definitely lucked out.

after our bellies were full we drove up through smugglers' notch.  it used to be a route that people would smuggle illegal goods from canada in the early 19th century and during the prohibition-era of the 1920s.  it was a very narrow, windy, and sometimes one-lane road.  i could see the scrapes on the boulders the road weaved through where cars tried to squeeze passed each other.  it's no surprise they close the road to cars from november to april. 

we stopped at the birthplace of Joseph Smith with mom and dad Clover on the way back to boston to get some more spirituality in our sabbath day.  they have a nice visitor's center there with wonderful senior couple missionaries. they also just re-planted there gardens and there are peonies everywhere!  i was in heaven.

we had a great time exploring vermont. i'm a huge fan of stowe.
i like the crunchy folk up there.

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