Saturday, June 27, 2015

Late Night Decisions

I have learned that I have the most fun when I do things with a little spontaneity.  So when I got a message from my friend, Betsy, last night at 11:00 seeing if I wanted to run a 5k this morning at 9:00, I thought, "Well, why not?!"  So I dropped Jeremy off at work and went to run my guts out jog about on the Vermont foothills.  Funny thing is... I won 2nd place in my age group, which was uber surprising considering we kind of mozied about on the course.  But when you live in a small town, then you have a small race, which means you feel like a total rockstar for running a barely sub30 5k.  Maybe I will train for the next one... or maybe I will just try to get a more decent night's sleep and hope for low registration numbers again. 

Cracks me up!!

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