Monday, June 22, 2015


Jeremy's parents came to visit us and flew in Friday morning.  We did some outlet shopping while Jeremy finished up his half-day of work then we went to lunch and showed them around our little area.  We found 5 covered bridges over the course of the weekend. 

Friday night we stopped by a Festival of sorts in Manchester with a live band and we had to have an ice cream stop.

Saturday we started the day with a short hike to Equinox Pond.  We will definitely come back to explore some of these other trails - the trail head is only 10 minutes from us (!!!).  It was beautiful.... and I still can't believe I live here.

After our hike, we went to Cilantro for lunch (which is quickly becoming our favorite local place) and shopped at the outlets in Manchester.  I would love that to always be our Saturday routine - hiking, eating delicious food, and then shopping.  :)  

After the morning of fun, we stopped by the Norman Rockwell Exhibit at the Sugar Shack, where we also had to buy maple syrup, and then we went to the Robert Frost Home.  It was a cool day learning about the famous people that spent a lot of time in these Vermont mountains and it was so fun having visitors!  Everyone is welcome! 

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Rye said...

These pictures rock! I want to come visit so bad. How bout we go halfsies on the airfare?