Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hand Picked

This afternoon we made our way to Mad Tom Orchard in East Dorset to pick some apples. Which may be my most favorite fall activity ever! The word on the orchard rows was that this was the most abundant crop of apples they have ever had... and I believe it!  They have so many apples.  We may be able to squeeze in a second round of picking if we eat our first batch of apples as fast as I think we will.  They are just so good!!

We picked mostly Gala's, since they are our favorite.  We also got 10 Macoun to make some apple crisp, which I of course will share with you soon.  It was a great afternoon to spend some time in the orchard.  The place was so big, it kind of felt like we had it to ourselves and it was absolutely gorgeous nestled there in the mountains.  After we picked all of the red fruit we could carry, we paid for our heavy 1/2 bushel bag (adding 2 donuts for Jeremy), and made our way back to our humble abode.  Apple picking is just the best.

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