Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Small Town Entertainment

Jeremy and I have started going to the local high school soccer games - Go Arlington Eagles! That, my friends, is sign that you live in a small town. The games are way fun to watch, though so we are just loving it.  It reminds me of when we played in the Boston soccer league last summer and had the time of our lives. 

They are about half way through the season and this week is the John Werner tournament.  Sidenote: we actually met John Werner our first week here when we were playing soccer at the park together.  We didn't realize he was such a celebrity for this town.  Anyways, we watched the boys game yesterday and it was a tough loss.  The were tied for most of the game.  

Tonight was the girl's game and it was rather exhilarating, there were hip checks and slide tackles all over the place.  Those girls are so tough.  They were down most of the game 0-1 and with 20 seconds left, I kid you not, 20 SECONDS LEFT, they scored a goal.  It was amazing!! So it went in to overtime of two 10-minute halves which were scoreless.  Then we got to the penalty kicks, which were also tied 2-2, so we then we had sudden death penalty kicks.  Not sure what the real name is for those, but it feels appropriate.  

Above is the first kicker for Arlington in the sudden death penalty kicks, sending her goal into the top left corner.  The goalie dove for it, missed the save, and half the stand cheered.  It was beautiful!!  Now it was the other team's turn.  Their player walked to the spot and dun dun dun... MISSED IT!  The rest of the team and the high school boys team rushed the field screaming.  It was really exciting and I ended up with a sweet shot of the winning goal!

Oh soccer, I love you so.

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