Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cake Gallery

The coolest thing happened to me yesterday at the Cake Gallery, a local jewelry shop.  Jeremy bought me a necklace from the store for my birthday.  I didn't love it and I am not one to hold onto things I don't love.  Maybe some people will think that is kind of rude of me, but I think it makes a lot of sense.  He knew he was going out on a limb and even told the owner it was a birthday gift and that I might be back in to exchange the necklace.  And that is exactly what I did.

The owner, Meike (pronounced Micah), and I chatted as I tried on about ten necklaces until we found the perfect pair, a gold disk and the perfect gem.  I was going for some smaller, layering pieces and we found just the two to make my heart sing.  I was trying to keep the total close to what Jeremy originally spent, but I ended up owing her $25.  We went to the register to make the jewelry-match-made-in-heaven official and she asked how much cash I had.  I pulled out a $5 and said. "I can go get more cash."  She took the $5 and said, "Happy Birthday!"

I was almost speechless and super grateful.  I told her she was the coolest ever and that I would always come back to her shop.  Sooooo, everyone... head over to Cake Gallery immediately (she's right on Main Street in Bennington), or I guess you can wait and buy the prettiest locally made Vermont souvenir you could ever have when you come visit me.   Thanks Meike!  You ROCK!

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