Thursday, October 29, 2015

London Day 6

Day 5

On Friday, we started with a river cruise on the River Thames (pronounced Tems).  We learned all sorts of things about the many bridges over the river.  We made our way over to St. Paul's Cathedral, where part of Mary Poppins was filmed and then we walked the Millenium Bridge over to the Shakespeare's Globe Theater and the Tate Modern.  We found the original place of the Globe Theater and then made our way to the Borough Market to get some lunch.  It was quite hectic and difficult to see if gluten free was available, so we found a cute little pub on the river instead.  After our late lunch, we took a taxi (we just had to ride in one) back to central London and got in line for the Evensong at Westminster Abbey.  It was a choral service at the church and it was amazing.  This was also one of my favorite things of the trip.  After the service, we headed back to the hotel to try and fit all of our awesome souvenirs into our bags.

Then we said goodbye to London and our dreamy girls trip!!

We loved every minute!

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