Sunday, January 17, 2016

2nd Installment

Well, time certainly flies and to remember 2015 we have the 2nd installment of our Time Capsule Project.  I made the first one in 2010 and decided that every 5 years I would add another jar to the collection.  So here is our time capsule for 2015:

Inside we have: an ultrasound picture of the babe at 10 weeks; Jeremy's Dental School graduation tassel; a business card from my job in Boston and a business card for my private practice in Vermont; a Charlie Card for the Boston subway; our room keys, a ship map, and 100 Russian Rubles (equal to $1.26) from the cruise; and a souvenir coin from Stonehenge, a "Baby on board!" pin from the tube (we found out I was pregnant the day before I left for London), and 3 other pins from our Girl's Trip to London.  I feel like I need to add something from Vermont.  If only I had saved a maple leaf!!  A bumper sticker may have to do.

It was a pretty fabulous year!  Stay tuned for the 3rd jar in 2020.

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Barb said...

Love the jar idea and what you put in!!